rum tum tugger

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Character: Rum Tum Tugger

Source: CATS the musical, original design by John Napier

Date: June 2021

Photographer: me dad

Full body shot, sat on stone steps with legs apart.
A waist-up shot against a dark background, one hand on hip.
Full body shot stood on a plank in greenery, one arm up in a wave and the other toward the viewer.

Here it is: my final uni project. Ta da *does sad little jazz hands* Well this was a tough one. My final year was a pandemic year, so I made this by myself and for myself, which is basically the only thing we were strictly forbidden from doing from day one. Always have a model, always have a tutor check over your stuff in person for critiques... haha. I don't think I did a bad job all things considered, but this costume was very much soured by the experience of working to a deadline while completely alone.

It needs some fixes too due to rushing some things at the last minute, so my hope is that if I mend what's broken and wear it around other people it'll make some happier memories, because this costume has a very solid base! I focused a lot on painting and weathering for this, since it was a set of skills I hadn't really touched before, and I honestly think the paintwork came out so cool.

Macro photo of power mesh painted with leopard print. Macro photo of textured grey linen with painted black stripes. Macro photo of orange faux fur with a chunky yellow chain. Macro photo of two pyramid studs on a paint spattered stripe belt. Abstract macro showing textured fabric with rough yellow and grey painting.

Also, because it was for class rather than for fandom, I experimented with some detail shots for the hand-in - something else I hadn't done before. I wanted to showcase the actual clothing and the work that went into it, rather than centering my own body and performance, and I love these little abstract macros a lot. I think they were probably inspired in part by some of disastertowncosplay's photos of his Qifrey cosplay.

November 2023