astrologian tiz

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Character: Tiz Arrior, Astrologian outfit

Source: Bravely Second

Shoot: March 2020

Photographer: me mum

A distant shot, twirling in an open field. A distant shot, standing in front of a tall tree.

I love Tiz :) I think he is very cute and in this job especially so. I'd like to make some more of his outfits sometime! I went with Astrologian here because it'd be fairly easy to make - even though I wound up doing a bunch of tiny knife pleats by hand AND by eye for the dress straps - and I didn't have to buy anything new. I also think the original asterisk holder is so fun! He's this big burly old guy, and yes, he has the leg slits in his robe too.

To be honest, in some ways I am a little disappointed with this shoot. You can't tell in the photos here but I took some selfies before we went out and my makeup is so unbelievably crusty! The wig wasn't styled particularly well either in my opinion - I've had more practice with fluffy wigs since then so I think I could do it more justice (and I needed the wig in an un-heat damaged state for a different character at the time, so I was too reserved with the style here).

The quality of the outfit itself leaves some stuff to be desired too; I'm not happy with how it sits on me and I had to rig up some real weird stuff with poppers and safety pins... only to flash everyone while wearing this anyway. LOL But look how beautifully it catches the wind! It's made of a very lightweight synthetic fabric (curtain lining) so the texture is just incredibly weird, but the slightly sheer and very flowy nature fits this outfit really well in my opinion.

I really want to try taking more pictures in this outfit - maybe I will rig up a way to have the astrological symbols on the gloves temporarily, since I'm not keen on using items for just one cosplay if I won't wear it over and over. It depends on how the harness has held up - it's acrylic paint on pleather, so it never quite dried right.

Maaaaybe I could remake it using a different type of paint, or just a different fabric full stop, and I'd have to reconsider the design - the harness here isn't how it looks in game at all. Instead they all have a super chunky pair of binoculars hung around the neck that covers the chest area, but truth be told: a. I didn't want to make it and b. I wanted to play up the sexy aspect of this cosplay a bit. I've since bought a black bodysuit, so at least if I wore this again I wouldn't be in danger of public indecency!!

Also, remind me to never ever wear 6" heels in a muddy field ever again.

November 2023