welcome to my twisted website

Hello! You can call me Zeta if you like, which is one of many names I've had in my travels round the web. I'm a cosplayer and craft enjoyer, and recently I've been fed up with social media going down the shitter - it's no fun to use anymore, no good as an archive, and even my friends aren't seeing my things! What's the point? So here we are.

My hopes for this site:

  • Showcase some of my things!
  • Have a space to talk at length about who I cosplay, how, and why
  • Compile some sewing, cosplay and craft resources I like
  • Learn some HTML and CSS
  • Experiment with site/portfolio type layouts

Please reach out to me if you find anything broken on the site, or if you run into accessibility issues. I'm a complete beginner so I might not be able to fix it properly or right away, but don't hesitate to fill me in!

Comments and questions are always welcome:


Enjoy your stay!